Nicholson & Co

Nicholson & Co is a family-run business, infusing luxury into local listings and elevating both commercial and private spaces across Harrogate with premium upgrades and unrivaled attention to detail. Working across a diverse portfolio of properties, we strive to inject premium upgrades and luxury status into both old and new buildings, enhancing the unique characteristics of period properties and ensuring that all new structures are sympathetic to the local area.


Luxury Developments

Nicholson & Co is a family-run business which drives forward shareholder value for all parties involved. We have a reputation to deliver on projects, whether that be a large business turnaround with property assets in distress, or a single family dwelling which needs renovating to a luxury standard. We focus on the top end of the market, with a focus on timeless luxury for the next generation to enjoy.

Learn more about our recent property projects and ongoing developments, with an exclusive look at the Nicholson & Co portfolio. With an eye to both the long term value of modern innovation and the importance of traditional and authentic architecture.

Company Values

Here at Nicholson & Co we believe that the best approach to development bridges the gap between modern innovation and authentic presentation. Based in Harrogate, we understand the need for properties and buildings which offer world-class interior facilities without damaging the traditional aesthetic – and it’s this connection between old and new which makes us so good at what we do.

With a small team of experts, we look beyond the tired aesthetic of an existing property or building and deliver exceptional upgrades which unite modern luxury with traditional grandeur.

What we Do

Nicholson & Co is owned and run by the Nicholson family – a local family with a combined passion for new development, bringing life to existing buildings via change of use or building new homes within the local area.

We acquire, re-position and develop property from land without planning through to change of use projects within the Yorkshire Area. We deliver development projects as part of our own growing portfolio as well as for clients, working across Harrogate and beyond to connect world-class luxury with varied and diverse spaces.

We acquire unused buildings and commercial spaces as well as private properties, including land and farm estates. undertaking high-end refurbishment and renovation work on behalf of our clients and as part of our own portfolio. Working on the basis of quality rather than quantity, every project we undertake is individual and unique, exploring different concepts and definitions of luxury within the confines of the client brief or the use of each space.

Whether retained as part of our own portfolio, sold, or handed back to the client, we believe that every project and development that we work on offers a new opportunity to maximise the return on each project from both an aesthetic and financial point of view. We are open to working with existing developers who require family office funding and need a go to, reliable lender, who understands how to maximise a business or property transaction for all stakeholders.

  • Founder & Director

    Grant Nicholson

    A former professional cricketer, Grant is now a multi award winning entrepreneur, recognised by the Institute of Directors as Young Director of the year in 2020 and featured by St James’ Place as one of the leading entrepreneurs of the century as part of their 300 Years of Iconic Leaders.

    Owner of multiple businesses and a serial investor, Grant has a passion for property and is invested in ensuring that the environments created by Nicholson & Co create a positive lasting legacy. Grant heads up the acquisition of all land, properties and projects for N&Co and is always interested in sites with our without planning, Joint Venture opportunities, whether that is an opportunity for sale or whether you are an existing developer with a requirement for private lending on your project.

  • Founder & Director

    Andy Nicholson

    Andy’s career has taken him from the football pitch to board member of British Telecom to multi-sector business investor – with cross-sector business interests and experience running a £1.7bn business with a global footprint in 170 countries around the world.


    Now intent on building a lasting legacy for the Nicholson family name, Nicholson & Co combines all of Andy’s experiences, driving forward the importance of development which defies the boundaries set by trend and utilising his understanding of economics in the business world.


    Andy has a keen interest in joint venture opportunities with landowners to maximise GDV for all shareholders.

    Based in Harrogate, our business grew from the need for local development which not only reflected the local area but which sought to innovate and improve both commercial and private properties without altering the aesthetic of the surrounding landscape.

    We are a developer, landlord and manage our portfolio in house.

    By acquiring old residential properties, offices, retail spaces, and holiday lets, we work with businesses and tenants to breathe life back into tired buildings and to deliver luxury spaces which complement the area and are fit for purpose.