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Developing Environments in keeping with society.

Nicholson & Co

Delivering Outstanding Quality

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Luxury Developments

Nicholson & Co is a family-run business, infusing luxury into local listings and elevating both commercial and private spaces across Harrogate with premium upgrades and unrivalled attention to detail.

Working across a diverse portfolio of properties, we strive to inject premium upgrades and luxury status into both old and new buildings, enhancing the unique characteristics of period properties and ensuring that all new structures are sympathetic to the local area.

Our Projects

Learn more about our recent property projects and ongoing developments, with an exclusive look at the Nicholson & Co portfolio. With an eye to both the long term value of modern innovation and the importance of traditional and authentic architecture, our portfolio encompasses all the projects that we are proud to be a part of.

Nicholson & Co

Nicholson & Co is a family-run business which combines a passion for the local area with a desire to make development more attuned to the need for innovative, luxurious spaces.

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Company Values

Here at Nicholson & Co we believe that the best approach to development bridges the gap between modern innovation and authentic presentation. Based in Harrogate, we understand the need for properties and buildings which offer world-class interior facilities without damaging the traditional aesthetic – and it’s this connection between old and new which makes us so good at what we do.

With a small team of experts, we look beyond the tired aesthetic of an existing property or building and deliver exceptional upgrades which unite modern luxury with traditional grandeur.

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