Middle Eastern investors energise Yorkshire man’s renewable rollout

Join a consortium of investors based in the Middle East and Asia have partnered with Grant Nicholson, to create a powerful group of businesses focused solely on clean energy investments.

The deal, worth over £50m to the Emirati Energy which offers low cost renewable solutions to the business energy market, will allow the firm which has its UK headquarters in Leeds to make what Nicholson said would be a “seismic impact” in the UK energy market, which is currently hitting headlines as a result of a number of administrations by energy providers and soaring costs.

Commenting on the deal, Nicholson said: “The deal is one of a number of large-scale projects we are working on currently. The market is tricky, with geopolitical tensions building in the east and inflation quite clearly impacting the wholesale price of commodities, now is the time to turn the tap on full, our timing has been key.”

The 28-year-old CEO added that following the investment the business is focused on “building out the team in Leeds” whilst preparing to open its New York office in order to enter what he described as the “huge North American renewables market”.

The funds are also being used to grow the group’s residential solar business, Solar4Homes, which Nicholson noted has “taken off!” For reference, this business is Solar4Homes www.solar4homes.uk

Looking ahead Nicholson explained that the scale of the opportunity within the energy sector means the group is on track to reach £50m of group revenue across Europe and North America based solely on reducing the carbon footprint of its clients.