Grant Nicholson’s Biography

Grant Nicholson is the ambitious and innovative Founder and Chairman of Rainman Collateral. He divides his time between London and Dubai.

A fierce advocate of impact investing, Grant began to grow increasingly frustrated at the status quo within the energy market. He believed companies were failing to get across to industry the commercial benefits of renewable energy; that it was not only good for the planet but for business too. This led Grant to invest in three renewable ventures, successfully exiting all three in early 2021.

Grant’s enthusiastic style of leadership is rooted in the belief that sustainable ways of doing business are beneficial for both the environment and organisations. Under Grant’s leadership, Rainman Collateral acquired Heatsource Direct as part of their build-and-buy strategy to support business growth. The firm was named Young Business of the Year at the Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards 2020.

He is a Director at Chesterblair Homes, a luxury property developer, and sits on the Board of Directors at international strategic talent consultancy Hortor, following a considerable investment, showing his commitment to helping build the company.

Grant was named Young Director of the Year by the Institute of Directors’ Yorkshire and North East division in 2020.